Living with vitality


What stops you living without vitality? There may be many things that we would like to do or try in life, but crippling fear and the need to appear ‘perfect’ can hold us back from even trying. Fear and perfectionism are the two demons with which we must overcome if we want to feel enthusiastic and fulfilled, enabling us to achieve the most that we can in our lives.

We need to develop self-confidence and let go of the need for things to be a certain way. Embrace the unpredictable. Yoga can help us with both these things.

In yoga, we do inverted postures that raise our bodies above our heads, such as the Shoulderstand. These postures are great for self confidence. How often in life do you find your feet higher than your head? Maybe on scary rides at a theme park. Rides like that are thrilling and they make you feel alive! With yoga inversions, you get the feel-good factor, but you are still in control of your body, unlike the theme park ride that you are unable to exit once it starts, and puts a great deal of demand on your heart.

In yoga, we learn to let go in the various postures by focusing our minds on our breath.  We learn to control our minds so that they are no longer driven by our fears. We can also challenge ourselves in everyday life to break out of deeply-ingrained that keep us feeling safe but limit our horizons and dull our experiences.

Every day, take a step into the unknown, even if it is as simple as going to a supermarket that you don’t normally shop at. Do something different to challenge yourself, and let go of the fears that limit you. Embrace the unknown and live your life to the full!

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