Corona Virus Guidelines

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Updated Tuesday 17th March, 2020

Yoga & the Corona Virus (COVID-19)
It has certainly been an unsettling time for many as news of the Corona Virus is updated by the hour. Firstly, I would like to reassure everyone that I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and following the Foreign Office, UK Government advice and recommendations. On another note, although many preventative measures are being given, let us also remember that fear, worry and stress absolutely supress the immune system’s ability to fight antigens, making us more susceptible to infection. Please keep your yoga practices flowing, yoga is a timeless, ageless practice that keeps all systems in our body balanced and in harmony, including the mind and emotions. Now more than ever let us all step up our wellbeing programme, whether that is at home or by joining our group classes as long as we can continue them. Let your diet also be your medicine, nutritious and healthy as 70% of our immune function is in the gut! Please let us not separate as a community but join together to support each other at this time.


  • Stay calm and keep your practice flowing
  • For reasons of cleanliness, please bring your own yoga mat to class
  • Bring your own blanket if you need one or a warm layer for final relaxation
  • Kindly wash your hands on arrival at class and when leaving
  • Try and avoid touching your face or mouth
  • Avoid physical contact with others, instead of a hug or handshake, consider palms together at the heart
  • Bring tissues with you to class – if you sneeze or cough during the session, use the tissue then bin it and wash your hands.
  • Refrain from coming to class if you have been in contact with or visited any infected people/places
  • Stay at home if you have a high temperature or a new continuous cough. Please refer to the NHS Guidelines here.
  • Please ensure that you sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed of any possible class cancellations
  • Please contact me with any questions or queries


I will clean the floor area with anti bacterial spray before practice, where possible

I will clean the door handles with anti-bacterial spray before and after class

I will ensure that the toilets have soap and hand towels

I will diffuse anti viral essential oil during class

I will avoid teaching alternate nostril breathing or finishing the class with covering the face with hands in line with advice to not touch the face

I ask everyone to bring their own yoga mat to class – they are available online for as little as £5 upwards.

Please bring your own blanket or a warm layer of clothing to cover yourself with during relaxation.

I will avoid hands on adjustments at this time

I will bring tissues to class

I will keep you updated please sign up to my newsletter here.

I recommend that everyone takes necessary precautions, follows the advice provided by Department of Health and Social Care (Public Health England), as is outlined on the website here, and the World Health Organisation, which you can find here. I encourage you to consult these resources regularly to stay abreast of the situation.

I wish you radiant health, wellbeing and peace of mind.
Let us all look after each other and keep doing what makes our heart sing in the best way that we can!

With Love