My Journey

More than ten years ago I started to take yoga classes. I completed a year-long yoga teacher training mainly based on Sivananda yoga. I am a qualified aerial yoga teacher. I have trained in yoga nidra relaxation. Yoga nidra helps shift your brain into the zone between sleeping and waking states; it’s like your body sleeps while your mind remains conscious and clear. I have also trained in Yin Yoga – The functional approach with Paul Grilley. This has allowed me to appreciate how differences in skeletons alter how the pose is felt in the body and how a pose can be adapted to target the area of the body that it is meant to be affecting

In 2010 I embarked on a year-long Mindfulness course at Samye Ling Monastery in Eskdalemuir, with Rob Nairn, who is a pioneer in teaching mindfulness from a Western psychological perspective. Following this, I studied for a further two years in compassion and insight meditation. Mindfulness helps me to still my restless mind, and compassion meditation gives me the confidence to open my heart to being more accepting of myself and others. Insight meditation helps me to dive deeper into myself and get more in contact with my intuition, and therefore helps me to act and express myself more authentically in the world.

I am an artist and passionate about expressing myself through various artistic media. I use art to manifest how it feels to be a human living in this world. I like to use my intuition and instinct to guide me in the selection of colour, and the marks that I make. This approach enables me to use my art as a therapeutic outlet.

My yoga teaching is informed by my meditation background, and I use mindfulness techniques during yoga practice to help focus the mind and release tension in the body. Yoga helps me to let go of stress and anxiety that accumulates in my body due to a fast-paced Western style of living. It has helped me to alleviate pain associated with my lower back, sciatica and an uneven pelvis. The chanting of mantras has helped me to express myself through voice, and I enjoy singing with the Geltsdale Singers. I often introduce the therapeutic sounds of singing bowls into class final relaxation. Today I live my life in a way that is authentic and meaningful to me. I would love to share with you what I have learnt on my journey so far.

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